Has life stolen your power and you're ready to get it back?

You possess a power to hold steady inside of any storm, create emotions you want to feel, and access superpowers to overcome anything. 

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You might have been a victim of life.

But you don't have to be a victim of the wounds produced that are still stuck inside of your skin.  You have the power to heal yourself, and you're going to learn how. 

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Hi friend,

I'm Christa Gifford.

Maybe you feel like I did for most of my life...that you're the victim of your emotions and not the creator of them. 

Or perhaps life crashed in and your emotional world feels like it's in a downward tailspin.

Maybe you've been carrying around the weight of something that happened long ago and no matter what you do, you just can't seem to ever move on.   

You want to feel loved, but you’re waiting on someone else to do it. You want to feel happy, but you're waiting until all your dreams come true. 

If you resonate with this powerless loop, you’ve come to the right place. 

Years ago when my husband left me with three small children, I was given the greatest gift of my life. Up until that moment, a part of me believed it was his job to make me feel safe, adored, and loved, my bank account was there to made me feel abundant or lack, and my kids were responsible for keeping the peace so mommy wouldn’t get too stressed out. 

I had unconsciously abdicated the power of my emotional world to an ever-changing external zoo, waiting for the cosmic ducks to line up before I could finally feel the way I wanted to feel.

Pardon my frankness, but what a powerless way to live.

When my husband told me he didn’t love me anymore, erupting a volcano of hell inside my body that I didn't have the tools to manage, enough was enough. I finally started the journey to get my power back from the outside world that had always controlled my mind and emotions–to move inside my skin & learn tools to feel completely safe while the war zone of looming divorce dropped bombs on me. To feel total acceptance in every cell of my body for the complete mess of my life, even as the man I loved walked away.  

I learned to feel deliciously safe and whole inside my body–before the external world gave me a reason to feel that way. And anyone can learn how to do this.

Over the years as a spiritual teacher who’s reached millions around the world through podcasts, books, songs, meditations, retreats, and online resources, I’ve curated a 5-week Inner Adventure to teach you the healing techniques and practices Spirit taught me that not only saved my life, but also restored my marriage and family. You will learn how to unplug from the outside world as your emotional power source and plug back into the power you possess with Spirit to create anything inside your skin.

It's your divine birthright, and it's time to step into your destiny.  

If you're ready to get your power back, I look forward to connecting with you on our Inner Adventure.

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"Taking Christa's course has literally elevated my entire life.  I wake up excited to partake in the meditations and daily rituals, eager to listen to the teachings and do the practices because they're working.  In just a few weeks, I've experienced so much transformation in my marriage, family, finances, emotional and spiritual life, I feel equipped with tools for life to not only deal with any circumstance that arises, but also create a life from my internal power." 

- Stephanie

"If you've spent a ton of money on every course or private coaching program, look no further than I Got My Power Back 5-week Inner Adventure.  I will never spend another dime on a healing modality.  Why? Because this one program has every tool I need to truly transform my life for the rest of my life.  And it's working." 


"Christa has an incredible ability to take expansive spiritual concepts and explain them to anyone, regardless of their experience. Already in five weeks, my presence and performance at work, relationships, and finances have been impacted by the skills I’ve gained. I’ve used these tools every single day since completing the course. This was the best investment I could have made headed into a new year." 

- Luke A.

In The Next 5 Weeks, You Could…


  • Finally feel the joy of being alive

  • Value life's biggest tragedies as your greatest treasures

  • Begin thriving instead of surviving


What's Included In This Inner Adventure...


Accessing The Power Within

Your emotional world is the driver of your behaviors, and you can learn to drive your emotions before you get out of bed. Learn practices and techniques to plug your emotional body back into the experience of unconditional love, blessing, and joy by:

  • Reprogramming the victim belief that life happens 'to me' into the truth that life happens 'for me'
  • Learn to differentiate in the body when you're plugged into Spirit or the barking dog of the ego 
  • Develop daily meditation practices and habits to reprogram your brain and recalibrate your emotional world when life sends you into a tailspin 

You’ll finish week 1 remembering how powerful you've always been as a spiritual being, with simple habits and practices plugging you back into your Spirit-Source.


Unplugging From External Power

It's time to unplug from the power we give the outside world--the opinions of others, expectations of our families, cultural victim mentality, and global calamities--by:

  • Understanding our childhood emotional wounds and learn to attune to and embrace them with compassion
  • Unplug from the cultural victim mentality that projects the blame onto others, keeping us locked in victim cycles
  • Learn there are no good or bad emotions and begin reframing our painful emotions as messengers pointing us to a wound ready to heal

You'll finish week 2 with an understanding of how you lost your power in the first place when you plugged into the belief that the world is to blame, take ownership of everything inside your skin, and maximize your healing potential.


The Power Inside Your Darkness

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." -Joseph Campbell

In week 3, you will learn to run towards your inner darkness with compassion and expectancy, knowing the lead you carry can be turned to gold.  

  • Track your trauma patterns and understand how toxic beliefs & emotions keep attracting the same circumstances
  • Uncover ancestral trauma that passed on to you that's ready to be cleared
  • When hell is erupting emotionally in the body, learn somatic techniques like Non-Linear Movement and other practices to sink inside, connect to yourself, and create heaven

The only way out is through. After week 3 you will possess life-long tools to be able to attune to, accept, and embrace any tough emotion and resurrect it into new life.


Empowered Emotions

If we're the creators of our emotions and every emotion serves us as a messenger, we can work with the kaleidoscope of our emotional world to empower us:

  • Learn to give yourself the emotion you've always needed through Elemental Rhythm Breathwork
  • Discover the power of Awesome Anger, Fantastic Fear, Sacred Sadness, and Glorious Guilt
  • Begin to work with the substance of Lavish Love, Juicy Joy, and Perfect Peace

You’ll finish week 4 with a respect for all of your emotions, learning how to drive them so they don't drive you.


The Power of Creation

Life is unfolding for you so that something new can flow through you, impacting the world around you.  

  • Learn techniques to pre-define your day and get the feeling you want before the outside world changes. 
  • Discover your co-creative partnership with Spirit, learning how to invoke the Divine for life's mysteries.
  • Unlock your creative energy to begin crafting a life you're absolutely in love with. 

You’ll finish week 5 with an arsenal of tools to help you create the life you were destined to live. 


I Got My Power Back

5-Week Inner Adventure


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